Area Guide: Moving to Richmond Upon Thames

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Located in the southwest of Greater London, Richmond Upon Thames is known for its proximity to the River Thames, Kew Gardens, Hampton Court Palace, and a ton of cultural and royal history; all of which cements its position as one of London’s top and most popular boroughs.

To consider a move to Richmond Upon Thames is to embrace the ease of travel into London while still benefiting from the rich countryside and peaceful surroundings. Not only is Richmond Upon Thames considered one of the most desirable boroughs in London, but it also provides excellent access to surrounding counties – making it just as good for commuters as it is for families and those looking for a peaceful and safe place to live.

As we move through this area guide for Richmond Upon Thames, we’ll be focussing on the types of properties available and some of the local assets that residents can enjoy and have access to.

But first, a little bit of history…

Richmond Upon Thames: A History

Richmond was so named in the 16th century when King Henry VII built Richmond Palace. The name Richmond was chosen to mark and celebrate the King’s earldom of Richmond in North Yorkshire – meaning that the Northern version of Richmond had its name first.

Queen Elizabeth I became one of Richmond’s biggest fans and actually died in the palace. However, Richmond is just one of the wards which makes up Richmond Upon Thames – with the first and most important thing that budding residents needing to know is that Richmond Upon Thames is much larger than many people realise.

Approximately half of the borough of Richmond Upon Thames is made up of parkland, including Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, Bushy Park, and Old Deer Park. Perhaps as an indirect result of this, Richmond Upon Thames is said to have one of the best ratings in terms of the quality of life of its residents, with a 2021 study finding that the borough is home to roughly 195,232 locals.

A guide to the property market in Richmond Upon Thames

The property market in Richmond Upon Thames is vast and diverse – just like its population demographic. Strategic positioning means that many of the properties and even some of the newer and more modern developments are all well located within walking distance of the parklands and open spaces, giving homeowners a chance to revel in city life and the charm of rural surroundings.

Having said that, attractive housing and excellent local amenities mean that Richmond Upon Thames is pricey in relation to other similar properties in surrounding London boroughs. While many argue that the high price of life in Richmond Upon Thames is worth it for the quality of life and surroundings, it is not necessarily in everyone’s budget and price range.

In order to find your ideal property in this borough, it is recommended that you assess the different property types including modern apartments and charming Victorian houses, as well as riverside and inner townhomes.

One thing that is worth noting is that Richmond Upon Thames is committed to its position as one of the most popular and sought-after boroughs in London and recognises its historical value as well as its proximity to London. As such, even the most modern developments are built in line with the historical charm and prominence of the area.  

Top attractions and local amenities

Now that you know a bit more about the area and the types of properties you could call home in Richmond Upon Thames, let’s consider the top attractions and things to do.

A borough rich in culture and a great sense of community, Richmond Upon Thames has plenty to offer in the way of outdoor and indoor attractions. Some of the most popular include:

· Richmond Park, the largest park in London complete with conservation areas and plenty of paths to enjoy

· Key Gardens

· Hampton Court Palace

· Twickenham Stadium

· WWT London Wetlands Centre

A blend of history and exhilarating modern sport, suffice to say that Richmond Upon Thames is a hub of activity and things to do.

Is Richmond Upon Thames good for families?

In 2023, Rightmove crowned Richmond Upon Thames as the ‘happiest place to live in Great Britain’ – underpinning the borough’s incredible charm as somewhere for residents of all ages and lifestyles to call home.

The beauty of Richmond Upon Thames is that it really does offer something for everyone to do, both in terms of recreational activities and in regard to local schools, workplaces, and more.

The educational facilities and options available to residents across Richmond Upon Thames are enviable, with a choice of state-funded and private schools for children of all ages. It is also close to some of the top universities in London for higher and further education opportunities and boasts a great selection of industries that deliver employment for different skill sets.

All of that, built around a borough which is extremely residential and really prides itself on a glowing sense of community. While Richmond is pricey and is one of the most expensive boroughs in terms of the cost of living, it is also one of the safest places to call home and has plenty of amenities that enable new residents to get involved and meet new people.

Moving to Richmond Upon Thames

If you’re looking to move towards or into Richmond Upon Thames, then A Swift Move is here to help. Focussed on boroughs in and around London, we can help you to facilitate a streamlined move whether it’s from 5 minutes down the road or 5 hours away.

Get in touch with us to find out more and to receive a tailored quote.

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